Review: Mass Effect 2

When we think of sci-fi, we think of gears of war, doctor who and other stuff. Mass effect 2 is one sci-fi game done beautifully. you can look out the cockpit window , up at the black hole infested sky is really stunning. the combat mechanic is almost as impressive. Pulling a guy with your bionics, having a teammate push him back to you,and shooting his crotch is gaming bliss. The story is unmatchable.The world is way bigger than the last one.Amazing story, a metric ton of shooting and wonderful graphics earn this game 5 push barriers out of 5.


Review: Call of duty Black ops

Alright. So what if it is like 6 months old. It is still going to be reviewed for the next couple of months till E3. I want to do it. Anyways, so let me start on the graphics. One word. PIXELS. Looks great at a distance. You know what I`m gonna say next;SUCKS!!!! No more comments about it. Next topic,the story. you play as a black ops operative named Alex Mason. you are being interrogated by a mysterious person. If you played world at war, yes. Sgt. Viktor Reznov makes a comeback! i am not telling you what exactly happens but it is very exciting. Finally, the multiplayer. Personally, the two things that i love about the multiplayer is,1: combat training,2: ZOMBIES!!!! yes, just like a lot of cod fans the one thing i love about treyarch is the inclusion of zombies. But the entire game`s only flaws are; one, the story is too long. two, THE GRAPHICS SUCK!!!! come on treyarch! do better. 4.5 out of 5.(follow me on twitter at griffinboy775 or on facebook also at Griffinboy also email me at and also comment THANKS!)

Quick Tips: Fable II

Want a legendary Weapon? For Free? Then go to garth`s castle(You Dont need to buy it, but there IS a quest involved with some goodies inside!) after the arrival back from the spire. then go up to where you entered the cullis gate to the gigantic hole and dive in. (GARGOYLE ALERT! right after you dive and climb on land, turn around. you will see him in the sewer drain.) The dungeon is really straight forward, BUT i will go into detail. The First set of spikes you get to, you will be propmted to inspect a set of skulls, that is the route you will need to take. The next set of spikes, you need to hit a flit switch to activate a expression statue, Complete the expression and the cage beside the statue holds a flit switch that you need to hit. The flit switch will light another fire that allows you to see the next set of skulls. follow the path, and you will have ended the dungeon. “But wait Logan, what about my Weapon?”. Jump off the ledge, and you will see a chest. That chest holds ( In my opinion) the strongest weapon in the game, The Daichi Katana! This has been quick tips for fable II! This is Logan, See ya!

Video Game Reviews: Fable II

Fable 2 is arguably one of the best games I have ever played.  The game starts, you are an orphan in old town Bowerstone living with your older sister. You hear a crowd and go see what is happening. No spoilers, But You find out from the king that you are heroes. And eventually you Find yourself looking for The other heroes. No real multiplayer in this unless you  want all the achievements in witch you will need an other player.(Like if you are getting all of the demon doors.)  The single player is really immersive and will have you staying up all night. My All-Time favorite game deserves a 5 out of 5 .